InVivo's agrosystem

A national union of agricultural cooperatives, InVivo provides responsible solutions to the farmers of its member cooperatives. As part of its One InVivo - One Nature strategy, InVivo relies on the principles of regenerative agriculture and the development of innovative agricultural technologies. Agriculture, viticulture, grain trading, gardening & food distribution, wine development: InVivo's activities extend from the field to the plate, from farmer to consumer.

Our raison d'être

Promote the agricultural and food transition towards a resilient agrosystem, by deploying innovative and responsible solutions and products, in line with the principles of regenerative agriculture, for the benefit of farmers and consumers.

Our 5 objectives


zero pesticide residue


contribute to the carbon neutrality


preserve and regenerate soils


restore and enhance the biodiversity


diversify farmers' income

Our activities and services

Supporting farmers of our member cooperatives

Improving operational performance through digital technology and advice

  • Agrosolutions
  • Fermes LEADER
  • SMAG
  • be API

Providing cooperatives with a wide choice of agricultural solutions

  • PPA

Offering farmers high-performance andsmart seeds

  • Semences de France
  • LS Production
  • Aegilops
  • Agro-Sol

Improving yieldsthrough a full range of plant health products

  • Fertiline
  • Bioline AgroSciences
  • Biotop
  • Phyteurop
  • Life Scientific
  • CCAB
  • Shanghai In-Ou

Building competitive and responsible grain and wine supply chain

Providing localand responsible garden center,pet shop and food retail

  • Jardiland
  • Gamm vert
  • Delbard
  • Noa
  • Frais d’Ici
  • Bio&Co